My Top 4 Red Lips!

Hello Lovlies!

I hope everyone is enjoying a nice and relaxing Sunday! It is getting oddly warm over here in Ohio, while I’m seeing other bloggers with a snowy wonderland! Hopefully we’ll catch some of that snow next week. Your girl needs a snow day!

So on this lazy Sunday, I thought I would share something that I get a lot of questions about over on my Instagram. If you’re not already following me, go follow me @mascaraandmath to see my daily updates and photos. Anyway…I post quite a few of my daily looks on Instagram, and I always get asked about my red lipsticks! I have a very small collection, mainly because I am super picky with a red lip. I love wearing red lipstick all year long, but especially around the holidays! So today, I thought I would share the only 4 that I own and trust! I will say, I only own liquid lips when it comes to reds. These colors are so bold and need to look perfect, so I don’t trust anything that isn’t super long wearing.

The first 2 items in my red collection are from a really affordable drugstore brand. These NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipsticks are some of the most comfortable lippies to wear. I have a nude version of this that I wear almost every single day. These lipsticks do dry down to a matte finish; however, they are not kiss proof. They are long lasting, and they are waterproof, but I don’t wear them if I know I’ll be eating a lot. These lips are extremely comfortable to wear, and fade really nicely. Red lips can look pretty awful when they fade, but these two don’t end up looking that way. I have the shades Kitten Heels (a true blue tone red) and Cherry Skies (a deeper burgundy). I love wearing these colors when I know I’ll have them on all night, but I won’t be stuffing my face. They are fine for a night out with drinks and appetizers, and they touch up well. I like that they don’t make my lips look dehydrated after 2 hours of wear. They have a really nice velvet finish, and they are super comfortable.


These two lippies are my more intense reds, both in color, and in staying power. The first is The Balm’s Meet Matte Hughes Liquid Lipstick in the shade Loyal. Again, this formula is really comfortable to wear. Definitely a full dry down formula, so be sure to moisturize your lips before use. This formula has an amazing minty scent, which I love. The color is probably a little more of a deeper red, but is still in that blue undertone family. By the way, red lips with blue undertones look best on everyone, and make your teeth look whiter. That’s why I buy them! This lipstick isn’t too expensive, and it really lasts for a long time! It has a kind of mousse like texture that doesn’t dry out your lips too intensely. I wore this for my friend’s wedding over the summer and I got endless questions about it.

Ok, so I saved my favorite for last! The NARS Powermatte Lip Pigments are the BEST liquid lip formula that I have ever stumbled across. They are super pigmented, super matte, super long wearing, but not super budget friendly. They are the most expensive of the bunch, but OMG are they worth it. I have the shade Don’t Stop, which is described as a Geranium color. Basically, it’s another bright, blue tone red. This color is my “I need you to never come off” red lipstick. It does wipe off easily with makeup remover, but otherwise, it doesn’t budge. I wore this for my bachelorette…which you can imagine was a mess…and it didn’t budge! I didn’t have to touch it up at all!

P.S. I know that The Balm is running a 50% off Cyber Monday sale, and NARS has 20% off as well. So, if you wanted to try one of the higher end formulas, this weekend is the time to shop! Go snag you a beautiful red lip to rock for the holidays! I hope this post helped answer your questions about finding the best red lips out there!

Much love,

Kelly Elizabeth

11 thoughts on “My Top 4 Red Lips!

  1. One of my FAVORITE lips is from Meet Matt(e) Hughes!! It’s a nice mauve berry color, the stay is INSANE!! It also has a slightly minty flavor/scent which just gives me something extra, love it!! That, and the Zoe red lip from (I want to say) Maybelline, FAVES.

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      1. It’s a stick instead of a balm or a liquid or matte, but it’s pretty rich. You do have to re-apply though, I think because it’s a stick. I’ll say too, I always use a liner with it, because it’s really hard to catch a sharp edge otherwise. That’s the one thing I’ve noticed that I really like about liquids (especially mattes), you can get that hard edge without a liner if you have a steady hand for it.

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