My Millie And Main Experience

Hello Lovlies!

This week has finally led me to a long weekend and I couldn’t be any more excited! I didn’t realize how much I needed the break!

With spring finally making it’s appearance, I wanted to share a recent experience I had with a company called Millie and Main. They are an online styling service, that helps you clean up your closet and build a wardrobe that actually works for your life! I feel like spring is when everyone starts changing out their wardrobe for new pieces, so what better time to organize and style your closet!?

The Process:

First up in the process was the “clean out”. Millie and Main provides you with a “stylist” that you can communicate with via a texting app, so they don’t need to come to your home. I like that Millie and Main’s website provided guides to help you decide what need to be packed away for the next season, what needed to stay, and what could go. When I started the process, my closet was overflowing! I hadn’t worn half of the items in it, and I knew I had a lot in storage under my bed as well. I started by pulling every single bit of the items out onto the bed, my floor, literally anywhere. I tried things on, and if it didn’t work as something I wanted to wear that moment, I got rid of it. I had so many pieces in my closet that I had been holding on to for no reason, other than I didn’t want to get rid of them! The end result? An organized, and minimized closet!

Selecting your Closet Needs:

The first week of the process also involved taking a styling survey, to let your stylist know your personal shopping budget, your overall style, and the pieces that you were missing. While my stylist spent time looking for pieces that I needed to shop for, I was asked to pull some of my favorite clothing items that I already owned, but hadn’t really styled yet. I pulled several pieces that I love, but wasn’t sure what to do with them. I had worn most of the items before, but I always wondered if there was more I could do with them.


Next up was my favorite part! SHOPPING! My stylist, Aisha, who is also @Classroomcouture on Instagram sent me TONS of links for clothing that fit my budget, my style, and my needs. She’s a fellow teacher and blogger who just kills the fashion game every single day! If you don’t follow her, you should, she is absolutely incredible!


Shopping! Aisha gave me so many links to choose from, and she even provided more when I felt like I hadn’t quite found my needs. For me, I was shopping for a dual purpose. I wanted more items for my work wardrobe that fit into my boho style. I also wanted pieces I could wear out after work was over. I am often on the go, so being able to quickly switch from a work to night outfit is important. Aisha literally killed it with her suggestions! This isn’t even half of what I bought, but I didn’t keep it all. Unfortunately, for budget and sizing issues, I did have to return the items in the picture above. As adorable as the tops were, they were too cropped for my liking.

All the pieces you see below, I kept, plus a few more that aren’t shown. Aisha suggested so many items that I never would have thought of purchasing, especially the infamous jumpsuit! I put the jumpsuit on, and wasn’t really sure if I liked it. It fit nicely, but I felt like my least favorite part of my body was on display…my stomach. I wasn’t feeling comfortable, and when I sent pictures of my clothes to Aisha, she wouldn’t let me return it! She threw out several ways to style that jumpsuit, and I went with my go to…a Kimono. I own literally thousands of them, and I love tossing them on with dresses, tops, anything.

As soon as I threw on that kimono, it changed the entire outfit! I was comfortable, it felt like me, and I felt like I was wearing something totally new! I tend to be that person that finds a clothing item I like, and buys it in every color. I blame my dad on that one, he’s king of that wardrobe decision! This jumpsuit was something totally new and different, and I never ever would have picked it out without Aisha’s suggestion!

Styling Your Wardrobe

The last step in the process was really just to begin living your life with your organized wardrobe! I was so happy to start styling my new clothes with the items I already owned! It made getting ready a breeze, and I feel like I’m no longer wearing the same thing in a different color!

Would I recommend it?

This is where it gets personal. Would I recommend you try this styling service? Yes, I would, but know that it does cost money. You do have to pay for the 4 week process, and that really is dependent upon the amount of income you have set aside for something like this. I do feel like the process is worth the money, because for me, I had gone several years wearing what was basically a uniform. I owned so many of the same things, and refused to go out of my comfort zone. Everything was styled exactly the same, and I got tired of it! After working with Aisha, I was able to take a few risks, and try out new pieces without fear. I spend so little time getting ready in the morning now! My outfits are styled the night before, and I never look in my closet and feel like I have nothing to wear. I still have the links that Aisha sent me, and I have been slowly continuing to buy some of the pieces she suggested that I didn’t buy in the first round. It was so nice to have the styles tailored to my style, rather than just being shown what everyone else is wearing. So if you do need to refresh your style, I highly suggest it! I honestly wish this was around when I left college and started working. I looked so sloppy my first few years of teaching, trying to figure out what a “professional” wardrobe looked like! So if you are after this kind of styling service, you can sign up here, and if you want to specifically work with Aisha, you can follow her links through her Instagram! If you’re a similar style to me, or Aisha, or a teacher, then she is really the best!

Much love,

Kelly Elizabeth

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